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Pledge to protect children from alcohol marketing - #alcoholfreekids

Alcohol Focus Scotland, BMA Scotland, SHAAP and Scottish Families have joined forces to warn that protecting children from exposure to alcohol marketing must be given far greater priority by all parties in the next term of the Scottish Parliament.

The majority of MSPs (72) from all parties have signed up to this pledge:

I believe that alcohol marketing has no place in childhood. All children should play, learn and socialise in places that are healthy and safe, protected from exposure to alcohol advertising and sponsorship.


Greens marketing pledge 

AFS Chief Executive Alison Douglas with the Scottish Greens 

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End alcohol marketing in childhood

Alcohol brands are highly visible in our everyday lives. Whether it’s adverts on TV, cinema, billboards or online, in magazines and newspapers, at shops, pubs, or sponsorship of sporting and music events - there’s really no avoiding them

The alcohol industry spends hundreds of millions of pounds every year on marketing their products. Although alcohol companies claim only to advertise to adults, the existing advertising codes are so weak that young people are regularly exposed to alcohol marketing which they find appealing. A survey we carried out found 10 and 11 year olds were more familiar with certain beer brands than leading brands of biscuits, crisps and ice cream.

This is concerning because there is strong evidence that exposure to alcohol marketing leads young people to drink more, and to drink at an earlier age.

We need action to protect children from alcohol marketing:

  • Prohibit outdoor alcohol advertising and in public spaces such as streets, parks and on public transport
  • Restrict alcohol advertising to factual information in adult press
  • Introduce time restrictions on TV alcohol advertising
  • Only allow alcohol adverts in cinemas for 18 certificate films
  • Phased removal of alcohol sponsorship of sports and cultural events
  • Establish an independent body to regulate alcohol marketing