Reducing harm caused by alcohol

Supporting local action

Council elections 2017

Scotland’s local government elections take place on 4 May 2017. Alcohol Focus Scotland is calling on Scotland’s councillors to find out more about the impact of alcohol locally, and champion effective action to prevent and reduce alcohol harm.  

3 questions to ask local election candidates about alcohol-related harm

  • Do you agree that action on alcohol harm should be a priority across local government?
  • How would you help to reduce the impact of alcohol on health, families and communities in your area?
  • What steps will you take to find out about the impact of alcohol locally?

7 actions for local councillors on alcohol-related harm

  • Find out how alcohol impacts on your local area - read our local alcohol harm factsheets
  • Sign up to Alcohol Focus Scotland's monthly newsletter
  • Visit a local alcohol support service
  • Meet with your local Alcohol & Drug Partnership to find out what's being done to reduce alcohol harm in your community
  • Attend your local licensing forum or licensing board meeting
  • Champion the inclusion of measures to reduce alcohol harm in local strategies
  • Use your local media to raise awareness of alcohol-related harm


Alcohol and Drug Partnerships (ADPs)

AFS works with local ADPs across Scotland to support them in effectively implementing national policy at local level.

The Scottish Government has funded an AFS post to support this area of work until October 2017. Much of our support to date has been around influencing local licensing policy and encouraging communities to get involved in the licensing process. 

We develop practical tools such as the licensing toolkit which many ADPs have used when working with licensing boards on their policies, and a community licensing toolkit to help people understand and navigate the licensing process. We are particularly grateful for the support of Edinburgh and Glasgow community members in road-testing this toolkit.

Lanarkshire ADP helped us trial our resources for children and families affected by alcohol, while in North Ayrshire we have been working with people recovering from alcohol problems to better understand the barriers to recovery.

We regularly hold events to bring ADP coordinators together to talk about current alcohol issues and share ideas. The next networking event will take place in May.