About Rory

Alcohol Focus Scotland has developed a learning resource that tackles the issue of harm caused to children because of parental alcohol problems.

Rory is a storybook aimed at primary school children. It tells the story of a dog who can't understand why his owner is acting a certain way, until it’s explained to him that his owner drinks too much.

It is estimated that at least 51,000 children in Scotland are affected by a parent with a drink problem. These children have to cope with their parent's unpredictable behavior, rows, neglect, domestic violence, can feel ashamed and often under-achieve at school.

The pack can be used in different ways to help children understand the feelings they might experience when living with someone who has an alcohol problem and encourage children to speak to a trusted adult. Adults reading the book will also gain a better understanding of the impact of parental alcohol misuse from a child's point of view.

The Rory resource is widely used in agencies and schools throughout Scotland.

Rory evaluation report - summary of findings and next steps

Rory resource website for teachers, children, parents and practitioners

Rory network lunches

6 May, Glasgow (12.30-2pm)

14 May, Edinburgh (12.30-2pm)

We are pleased to announce that we are launching the Rory Practitioners Network. The new Rory website has a dedicated practitioners area providing the opportunity to share good practice, network, access additional Rory resources and receive ongoing support.

Come along and join us at one of our Rory lunch events to get your website login and password, and network with other Rory users.

Please call 0141 572 6598 or email Jane Wilson to book your free place.

Rory Resources

The Rory resource pack includes:
  • Rory story book (and abridged version)
  • Rory USB/DVD 
  • Rory puppet
  • Rory kennel


  • Rory book - £2.95
  • Rory book (abridged version) - £2.95
  • Rory resource pack with USB - £85.00
  • Rory resource pack with CD - £79.99
  • Original Rory resource pack with CD - £99.99
  • Rory update pack with USB - £39.99
  • Rory update pack with CD - £35.00
  • Rory activity workbooks (pack of 50) - £35.00
  • Rory kennels (pack of 50) - £9.99
VAT and P&P charges also apply.

Rory Training

A training workshop is available to support practitioners working with children and young people to gain an understanding of the effects of parental alcohol misuse on children and how the resources can be utilised to their maximum potential within their own working environment. The workshop covers a range of topics including:
  • Alcohol – exploring attitudes
  • Effects of parental alcohol misuse on children
  • Using Rory resources in practice
  • Managing disclosure and sources of support

For more information please contact Jane Wilson on 0141 572 6598 or email jane.wilson@alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk