Reducing harm caused by alcohol

Alcohol and pregnancy

No alcohol in pregnancy is the best and safest choice.

When a pregnant woman drinks alcohol, it passes from her blood through the placenta to the developing baby.

Drinking alochol can damage your baby's developing cells which can affect how their brain and organs develop and how they look. It also increases risk of miscarriage, or your baby being born early or underweight.

Drinking during pregnancy can also cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders (FASD). Learn more about FASD here.

Scotland's Chief Medical Officer advises that women who are trying to become pregnant or are pregnant should avoid drinking alcohol. 

Research has not established a 'safe' level of alcohol intake while pregnant. What is clear is that the risk of harm to the unborn baby increases the more alcohol is consumed and binge drinking is especially harmful.

No alcohol is the best and safest choice.