Reducing harm caused by alcohol

Improved labelling

We need to help consumers make an informed choice by including more information and health warnings on alcohol product labels.

Consumer information on alcohol products tends to be limited to the strength of the drink, unit content and perhaps a ‘no alcohol in pregnancy’ graphic.

Existing labels do not provide any information about ingredients or warn of the health risks associated with drinking alcohol.

Some manufacturers have pledged to include more information on product labels but this varies widely and is completely voluntary.

Under current EU legislation, food products and soft drinks have to show detailed ingredients and nutritional values on their labels. This information helps people make informed decisions about what they choose to eat and drink for the sake of their waistline and their general health. Alcohol, despite being a product which can seriously harm health, is exempt from existing legislation.

Each of us needs to make up our own minds whether and how much we want to drink. What’s important is that the health risks are clear so we can make an informed choice.

We believe it should be mandatory for product labels to include:

  • A prominent, evidence-based health warning.
  • A message that alcohol should be avoided completely when pregnant or trying to conceive.
  • The drink's nutritional, calorie and alcohol content. Reference must be made to the low risk drinking guidelines