Reducing harm caused by alcohol

Training: Alcohol and Older Adults - December

Who is it for?

Anyone supporting older adults, i.e. health care professionals, sheltered housing staff, care services, etc.


Learning outcomes:

  • An enhanced awareness and understanding of the problems caused by alcohol and age specific problems.
  • Increased awareness of the effects to the drinker as well as those around them such as family, friends and support teams.
  • Increased confidence and skills to work with and support older adults.
  • A better understanding of how to engage with support functions and local activity, awareness of interventions.


Course details

  • Date: Tuesday 12th December 2023
  • Time: 09:30 - 12:30
  • Venue: AFS Office, 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow
  • Number of places: 12
  • Cost per person: £30


To book a space or for further information please contact: