Reducing harm caused by alcohol


Interactive map of alcohol and tobacco outlets

A new interactive webmap allows users to map tobacco and alcohol outlet density and related health outcomes, for neighbourhoods across Scotland. 

Users can map alcohol-related death rates, lung cancer and lung disease death rates, and deprivation. The search facility allows searching by town or postcode, and data can be downloaded for Scotland as a whole or selected areas.

Access the webmap

Previous research shows that outlet density matters for health. Areas of Scotland with the highest alcohol outlet density have double the death rate of those with the lowest densities. Read more

Licensing boards are required to assess overprovision of licensed premises in the board's area. Until now, this information has not been readily available to local people who are affected by licensing decisions. This webmap will provide community groups with the data on their local areas and enable them to get more involved in the licensing process.

The data used to create the website has been analysed by CRESH at the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. The resource was developed in partnership with Alcohol Focus Scotland and ASH Scotland. The project was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council.