We are the national alcohol charity working to reduce harm caused by alcohol. We do this by promoting evidence-based, cost-effective policy measures.

We research and develop policies informed by academic research and the real-life experiences of people affected by alcohol and campaign for change.

We provide accurate and accessible information about alcohol to the media, policymakers, practitioners and the general public.

We offer training to workplaces, teachers and early years practitioners, support workers and people working in the regulation of licensing.

Our mission

To play a leading role in creating a world where alcohol is no longer a major cause of harm.

Our vision

A future free from widespread health and social harm caused by alcohol.

Our values

Independent, equitable and fair, evidence-based, rights-based, respectful and collaborative.

Our funding

Our funding comes from a variety of sources, including the Scottish Government, grant giving bodies, and self-generated income. We do not accept funding from the alcohol industry.


The figures

deaths in 2022 due to conditions caused solely by alcohol