Reducing harm caused by alcohol


AFS welcome new alcohol framework

Today the Scottish Government published their new alcohol framework. Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing, Joe FitzPatrick unveiled the new framework at the 8th European Alcohol Policy Conference in Edinburgh.

Alison Douglas, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland said: “We warmly welcome the alcohol strategy published by Scottish Government today, particularly the commitments on marketing and labelling as well as the pledge to review the current minimum unit price of 50 pence. 

“There is strong support from the Scottish public to limit marketing of alcohol products and the evidence is clear that exposure to marketing drives consumption by children and young people. We believe plans to consult on alcohol marketing restrictions are a positive step towards protecting the vulnerable and challenging alcohol’s prominent role in our society. 

“Likewise, we are pleased to see that the Scottish Government are committed to improving alcohol labelling.  It is clearly unacceptable that more information is required on a pint of milk than a bottle of wine and the industry continues to show a complete disregard for our right to know what is in our drinks and what the risks associated with alcohol consumption are. Alcohol Focus Scotland considers that legislation is required to ensure consumers have access to information on bottles, cans and menus.   

“One area of the strategy where we’d like to see stronger action is in addressing how widely available alcohol is. Alcohol death rates and hospitalisations are twice as high in areas with the highest availability. There is real potential for our licensing system do more to protect our most vulnerable communities who are suffering the greatest harm by controlling where and when alcohol is sold. We welcome the commitment to keep the system under review and Alcohol Focus Scotland will continue to monitor progress."