Reducing harm caused by alcohol


AFS Welcomes Parliamentary Vote to Increase MUP

The Scottish Parliament has today (17th April) voted to continue and increase the minimum unit price for alcohol to 65p per unit, concluding a lengthy process which included a robust and independent evaluation by Public Health Scotland, further public consultation and intense parliamentary scrutiny.

Alison Douglas, CEO of Alcohol Focus Scotland said:

“Well done Holyrood. You have chosen to stand up for peoples’ right to health despite the best efforts of Big Alcohol once again to derail this policy. Uprating of the minimum unit price to 65p per unit will save hundreds of lives and reduce demand on our NHS.

This will improve the lives not just of people who drink but those around them, whose health and wellbeing can be affected. Crucially it will reduce the likelihood that future generations will develop alcohol problems. But there is so much more to do. Now we must address how alcohol is marketed as a glamorous, fun product, while giving us limited information which we need to make healthy choices.”