Reducing harm caused by alcohol


Cross-Party Group Improving Scotland's health: 2021 and beyond October 2018

The last meeting of the Improving Scotland's Health: 2021 And Beyond Cross Party Group took place on Wednesday 3 October 2018.

Joe FitzPatrick, MSP the new Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing joined the meeting to update on the recent strategies and to answer questions.

The Minister spoke about the health challenges Scotland faces including an ageing population; inequalities; changing patterns of diseases, the impact this has on public services and the need to be prevention focused. Mr FitzPatrick also talked about the six public health priorities that have been published and the new body, Public Health Scotland, which will be launched in the autumn of 2019.

The Minister then went on to answer questions on the use of targets, increasing the number of people in treatment and preventing alcohol and drug related deaths, and the role of the alcohol industry in public health. In his answers, the Minister referenced the new treatment and care, and prevention strategies which will be published later this year.

We were very encouraged to hear from the Minister that there is no place for the alcohol industry in influencing public health policy.

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