Reducing harm caused by alcohol


Half of alcohol being sold under 50p per unit

At least half of the alcohol currently being sold in Scotland is priced at less than the proposed 50p per unit minimum price.

The survey by analysts Nielsen, found two thirds of beers and spirits in shops and supermarkets are sold below the 50p per unit threshold. Read more

Alison Douglas, Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland said:

"As this report demonstrates, Scotland's supermarkets and shops are awash with cheap alcohol. It is costing us dear with 22 Scots dying as a result of alcohol each and every week.

"The average price of a unit of alcohol in our shops is 52p, less than a third of the average price in a bar or restaurant at £1.74.  Recent research undertaken by Alcohol Focus Scotland found high-strength cider available as cheaply as 18p per unit, making it possible to drink the maximum weekly recommended units for £2.52 - the price of a takeaway coffee.

"Alcohol minimum pricing will introduce a floor price beneath which alcohol cannot be sold.  It will mainly affect the low-cost, high strength drinks favoured by harmful drinkers and younger drinkers, in particular cheap vodka and strong ciders.  Moderate drinkers would only pay on average an extra £2 per year.  This is a small price to pay for the 60 lives that minimum unit price will save in the first year alone.”