Reducing harm caused by alcohol


Scottish Government launches alcohol marketing consultation

The Scottish Government have today published a public consultation paper on restricting alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland.

Public Health Minister, Maree Todd MSP said “There is clear evidence that adverts which glamorise drinking can encourage young people to drink alcohol and have a detrimental impact on those in recovery from problem alcohol use.”

In response to the announcement, Alison Douglas, chief executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland, said, “We are constantly bombarded by alcohol marketing and it affects us all. It makes alcohol consumption seem normal and desirable when the reality is it is responsible for one in 15 of all deaths in Scotland.

“Children and young people, and people in recovery are particularly affected. They tell us that they see alcohol marketing everywhere and it prevents them being able to fully live and thrive in their communities.

“We are pleased to see that the Scottish Government have today published their consultation on introducing restrictions on alcohol marketing which covers a broad range of marketing tactics including sponsorship of sports and events, outdoor advertising, branded merchandise and how alcohol is sold in shops. Scotland has the powers to act in all of these areas. This is an opportunity for us to be ambitious and to put people’s right to health before company profits by introducing restrictions.”

Alcohol Focus Scotland has put together a list of resources to support you to respond to the consultation.