Oh Lila

About Oh Lila

Alcohol Focus Scotland has developed a learning resource for use with pre-school age children.

Oh Lila tells the story of an adventurous young hare called Lila, who gets herself into trouble. Lila goes through a range of emotions before confiding in her friend Eric the squirrel who encourages her to seek help from the wise old hare.

The moral of Lila's story is that if children get into trouble or make a mistake, it is always better to speak to someone they trust to help them. 

The Oh Lila story and supporting resources aim to build resilience and protective factors in young children, helping to develop their social skills and encouraging them to communicate. Children have the opportunity to explore a range of issues including identifying trusted adults, asking for help, and feelings and emotions.  

The resource is now being widely used in a number of areas including nurseries, family learning centres and agencies working with children and families.

Oh Lila was piloted in 8 nurseries and 3 family centres throughout Scotland. 

Oh Lila Evaluation Executive Summary

Oh Lila Evaluation Report 

Oh Lila resource 

The Oh Lila Learning Resource pack contains:

  • Flip over story book
  • 2 puppets 
  • Jigsaw
  • Guidance notes
  • Supporting resources on CD Rom
  • Parents information and activity pack

Cost: £130 (VAT and P&P charges apply)

We have developed a new website for practitioners using the Oh Lila resource.

Oh Lila Training

A training workshop is available to support practitioners working with children and young people to utilise the Oh Lila learning resource to its maximum potential within their own working environment.

The half day workshop covers a range of topics including:

  • Oh Lila in context
  • Oh Lila resources in practice
  • Beyond the resources
  • Alcohol awareness

For more information please contact Jane Wilson on 0141 572 6598 or email jane.wilson@alcohol-focus-scotland.org.uk