Reducing harm caused by alcohol

Children, young people and families

Alcohol Focus Scotland has developed innovative learning resources to help practitioners support children, young people and families affected by alcohol.

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C.H.A.T. - Children Harmed by Alcohol Toolkit

This resource is for services working with children, young people, parents and families who are affected by alcohol.


Building on our existing Oh Lila!, Rory and A.D.A.M. resources (see below), C.H.A.T. is a new resource for professionals working with children, young people and families affected by alcohol. It can be used in a variety of settings to help build resilience and protective factors in children and families by building emotional intelligence, developing social skills and problem solving skills.

The toolkit has been piloted and evaluated in voluntary and public sector agencies across Scotland and has also been piloted within community justice settings, funded by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. 

 Read more about C.H.A.T (pdf) and visit the C.H.A.T. web pages

C.H.A.T. pilot evaluation (pdf)

Following the launch of our CHAT resource in 2016, Alcohol Focus Scotland has developed additional materials in consultation with kinship carers, foster carers and professionals working with looked after children. Following a successful pilot and evaluation the CHAT plus resource pack aims to support children from aged 5 to 12 years with a particular focus on those being looked after and removed from their home for a period of time.  We anticipate the new resource pack being available from Summer 2018.

C.H.A.T. Plus Pilot Evaluation (pdf)

C.H.A.T. resource pack (available to purchase on completion of training)

  • Oh Lila and Eric storybooks and puppets
  • Oh Lila and Eric worksheets and activities
  • Rory and Rory 2 storybooks and puppets
  • Rory Chat and Think game
  • Rory Chat and Think worksheet
  • Rory worksheets
  • A.D.A.M. online game
  • A.D.A.M. worksheets
  • Online resources

Training workshop

To support professionals using the C.H.A.T. resource, a one day training programme is available. The training is suitable for those working with children and families affected by alcohol in social work, NHS, community justice, public and voluntary sector organisations.

On completing the training learners will have:

  • Greater awareness of the problems caused by alcohol in Scotland
  • Greater awareness of the impact of alcohol harm on individuals, children, young people and families
  • Increased skills and confidence to use the C.H.A.T. resource
  • Greater awareness of the support available for those affected by alcohol

For more information on this training, including costs, please get in touch.

Honestly the most enjoyable training I have been on for a long time. Great mix of exercises, movement and discussion.


Oh Lila! is a learning resource for use with pre-school age children.

Oh Lila resource

Oh Lila! tells the story of an adventurous young hare called Lila, who gets herself into trouble. Lila goes through a range of emotions before confiding in her friend Eric the squirrel who encourages her to seek help from the wise old hare.

The moral of Lila's story is that if children get into trouble or make a mistake, it is always better to speak to someone they trust to help them.

The Oh Lila! story and supporting resources aim to build resilience and protective factors in young children, helping to develop their social skills and encouraging them to communicate. These skills are particularly helpful for the thousands of children across Scotland who are living with a problem drinking parent.

The resource is widely used in nurseries, family learning centres and agencies working with children and families.

Resource pack

The Oh Lila! resource pack contains:

  • Flipover story book
  • 2 puppets
  • Jigsaw
  • Guidance notes
  • Supporting resources on CD Rom
  • Parents information and activity pack

Training workshop

Our half day training workshop is recommended to support practitioners using the Oh Lila! resource. The workshop covers:

  • Oh Lila! in context
  • Oh Lila! in practice
  • Beyond the resources
  • Alcohol awareness

For more information on this training, including costs, please get in touch.

I found the course very informative and feel I can now go back and use it in the nursery. Good to hear examples of using Oh Lila in early years.


Rory is a learning resource aimed at primary school children which addresses the issue of parental alcohol problems.

Rory resource

The story charts the downturn in a dog called Rory’s life as his owner develops problems with alcohol. Initially Rory is happy, well groomed and well fed, but as the situation worsens he begins to feel neglected and lonely.

Rory is confused and upset by his owner’s unpredictable behaviour. He blames himself for the problem but his life improves when he confides in a trusted adult dog who explains that the situation is not his fault but due to his owner’s alcohol problems.

The pack can be used in different ways to help children understand the feelings they might experience when living with someone who has an alcohol problem and encourage children to speak to a trusted adult. Adults reading the book will gain a better understanding of the impact of parental alcohol misuse from a child's point of view.

The Rory resource is widely used in agencies and primary schools throughout Scotland.

Resource pack

The Rory resource pack contains:

  • Rory story book (and abridged version)
  • Rory USB/DVD
  • Rory puppet
  • Rory kennel

Training workshop

Our Rory training workshop is recommended for practitioners working with children and young people. For teachers and others working in schools, Rory is only available for those who have completed the training workshop.

For more information on this training, including costs, please get in touch.

Lots of excellent resources to use in school and food for thought on a very topical and worrying issue.


A.D.A.M - Another's Drinking Affects Me - is a website for teenagers who are affected by someone else's drinking.

ADAM Resource

A.D.A.M is aimed at 11-16 year olds and offers advice on how to cope using five animated characters who tell real life stories.

The site was developed in consultation with young people who have first hand experience of coping with someone else's drinking, whether a parent, sibling or friend. Teenagers who shared their stories said they felt worried, scared, isolated and often didn’t know who to turn to.

A.D.A.M also provides links to local and national support services, encouraging young people to get help sooner rather than later.

 For more information on this training, including costs, please get in touch.