Alcohol Focus Scotland is the national charity working to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. More about us

Our vision

A future free from the widespread health and social harm caused by alcohol.

Our mission

To deliver effective and cost-effective action to reduce alcohol consumption and harm in Scotland and beyond.

Our values

Independent, equitable and fair, evidence-based, person-centred, respectful and collaborative.

Key work

Marketing screen

Restricting alcohol marketing

Promoting regulation that reduces the level of exposure – particularly of children and young people and people struggling with alcohol-related issues – to alcohol marketing.

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Price tag

Increasing the price of alcohol

Broadening support for optimising minimum unit pricing by introducing an automatic mechanism linking to affordability.

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Alcohol Focus Scotland offers a range of training courses to help people understand, manage and prevent the harm caused by alcohol.

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The figures

Average units of alcohol a week drunk by men in Scotland